Besides using programs I’ve bought I also use Open Source programs and find them at Open Source is a real good program, it’s how computing should be where people share what they have done so that helps advance computing. If you like the program they ask you to make a donation for the use of the software, that’s not too much to ask. I’m putting a list together of the programs I use. Sometimes one program might have one thing that another same like program doesn’t have so I’ll have bother. Not all Video player play all formats so I have a couple. I’m trying to get them all to be 64 bit if possible.

Programs you should think about getting;

Trillian, that’s a IM program that lets you put all your IM programs all in one program and have them running all at the same time. Very handy program. Basic version is free.

Earth and Space; NASA World Wind, Google Earth, World Wide Telescope; They all let you view the earth. They also have planets, stars and galaxies.

7-Zip, PeaZip; for all your compression needs.

VMware Player, Oracle Virtual Box; Two programs that let you run Linux, Solaris, Windows XP in a virtual window. This is handy because you can cut and paste between windows. I’m running it on Windows 7

Open Source programs I use which are very handy. Audacity, SMPlayer, HPC-HC, HPC-HC x64, Real Player, DVD Shrink, ImgBurn, InfraREcorder, Ultimate Video Converter, TEncoder Video Converter, LightScribe, VLC Media Player, SGI’s Video Converter, Xming, PDFAchitect

Free downloads from Apple; iTunes, QuickTime Player, Safari

Browsers; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari

Office programs; Apache Open Office, Microsoft Office XP, Windows Live Writer, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail, Windows Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker, Picasa 3,

Programming; Oracle NetBeans IDE, Small Basic, Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Studio Express for Web, MinGM Shell, Windows Power Shell, Lazarus,

Audio, Photo & Video Programs; Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Google SketchUp 8, Adobe Premiere Elements 6, Audacity,


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