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What’s with Doctor Who

I’ve been watching the Doctor Who series and noticed a few things. It looks like they are spending more money on each episode in the later ones from the beginning one. Better aliens in the later episodes. The girls that … Continue reading

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Seems others have noticed too

I was sent a article about the police killing more people then 911 since 911 with there military like outfits. It’s really amazing how the mindset of of the police are. It’s them or us and they are the … Continue reading

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Cicrle of Life

  It’s the Baby Girl, she perks up when she hears her name. She such a delight to see with her brother here eating apples, plums and grazing. I’d like to find more native grasses and plant them here since … Continue reading

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Hands Up….

What’s going on in Ferguson is the tipping point of the rest of the country. I don’t know but I’ve noticed a lot of shootings by cops I don’t think were fair at all. Today’s shooting over a juice and … Continue reading

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Been Slacking Off and have to Change

I haven’t been posting lately as you can see. I’ve run a few things through my mind thinking about it but just didn’t get up and write it down. There’s been a lot of politics going on. Then I’ve been … Continue reading

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