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Media Paint Israel in bad light

The media is painting Israel in the light of a aggressor that is committing genocide or at least a one sided battle. The blood thirsty Netanyahu says he committed to put an end of the terrorist actions. It’s too bad … Continue reading

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Who is the big CHEESE?

We are fastly becoming second place in the world but we are far farther down the list in other sectors such as medical. we are in the 30’s as far as medical. Internet we are competing with third world countries … Continue reading

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Congress has been doing some things

Pictures speak a thousand words. A few words speak even more.   This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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Afghan Army… what a mess

Watch a movie which I thought was going to be a documentary about American troop but it’s on the Afghan Army. Talk about a rag tag rag head stupid bunch of people who have no loyalty. Reminds me of stories … Continue reading

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Those Damn Racist Bigots….

You’d think I’m talking about the south in the United State but no, it’s the Jews another four letter word of hate.The Jews abuse the people of Palestine where they are being occupied by the Jews. It’s worse there then … Continue reading

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