Garden and Wildlife

The two main things I do while living here, garden and take photos and video of the wildlife. It’s so nice having  the deer walking around me. They are happy to lounge here where it’s nice, quiet and peaceful place. Some days all you hear is the sounds of bugs flying. For the most part the air is clean. I have a couple Microsoft’s Photosynths of the yard so you can be surrounded by the photos. Paste this link in to your browser.

I have to be rather creative to do somethings here. From fencing off areas and growing plants and trees from seed. Surgery set me back and I’m still catching up. There is always something to do here, you just need to walk outside.

Since I’m getting older and the aches don’t go away like they used too. I’ve slowed down since back surgery in 2011. I’m hoping that I’ll pick up speed the longer is gets between surgery.

Just an amazing place here.

1 Response to Garden and Wildlife

  1. outatbobs says:

    Oh, I lost so many photos. I’m going to have to invest in a cloud account some place. I can’t believe I lost around 100,000 photos. Just makes me sick.

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