I was born a small person and grew up at first in Grand Rapids Michigan then moved to California in 1964. I lived in Southern California going to grade school, high school and college. Got married and divorced. Worked with my brother at his studio where I learned how to use cameras. I’ve been taking photos ever since I could hold a camera. My photos have been many things from art to documenting where I’ve been to what I’ve seen. I used to go to the desert a lot and that’s where I learned to look down and see the small things. I like color and that’s why I take pictures in color the world is full of color. For several years I took photos of peoples faces learning how to capture who they are. That was a good learning process. Taking photos in low light is a good trick. I’ve been also taking video of the wildlife and putting clips on Youtube and making small video shorts. I’ve been learning so much about wildlife since I moved here. People don’t give wildlife enough credit for how smart they are. They just want to be treated like you want to be treated. They have a hard life and I’m sort of documenting that. Being with all the wildlife has made me very Buddhist like in my actions dealing with the wildlife. Dealing with my back problems has really slowed me down. Have a lot of metal in my back after the last surgery. I’m still learning to walk right. It’s going to take a while. I really like living in the Sierra’s. The air is fresh and the sun’s mostly up.


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