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Trump said it all, “It’s all just talk!”

Trump blowing a lot of hot air said it’s all just talk. He doesn’t have any new ideas it’s all just talk. When he’s asked questions he refers to just watch me. So nothing has changed even with Trump, it’s … Continue reading

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Media Paint Israel in bad light

The media is painting Israel in the light of a aggressor that is committing genocide or at least a one sided battle. The blood thirsty Netanyahu says he committed to put an end of the terrorist actions. It’s too bad … Continue reading

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Don’t sit back….

It’s about time the democrats do something rather then letting the republicans wall all over them. Start a investigation into the Iraq war and all the lies the Bush administration said. Let put some head republicans in jail. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Republicans want boots on the ground and more war

How fast people forget what Bush has done leading up to the war in Iraq. All the lies. All the deaths. All the wounded. A country left in ruins. Now Boehner wants to go back to that after it took … Continue reading

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