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One man is destroying the country

If you’re a bible thumper start praying that Roberts with have a heart attack. Where is that Karma? I want to see the wrath of karma on Roberts. Republicans talk about legislation from the bench and how much they hate … Continue reading

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Quitting Smoking

Well, it’s really hard and I’m cheating a bit. I’m already hacking less and it’s only been a few days. I’m using the patch to help me. I’m noticing that I need to be holding something. Most of the time … Continue reading

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Don’t sit back….

It’s about time the democrats do something rather then letting the republicans wall all over them. Start a investigation into the Iraq war and all the lies the Bush administration said. Let put some head republicans in jail. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Republicans want boots on the ground and more war

How fast people forget what Bush has done leading up to the war in Iraq. All the lies. All the deaths. All the wounded. A country left in ruins. Now Boehner wants to go back to that after it took … Continue reading

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So many things happening……..

So many things happening on this ball we call earth. Russians want to expand their ghetto into a no mans zone in Ukraine to protect themselves from NATO missiles. Putten wants to take after a queen of yester years. Not … Continue reading

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