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Netflix, no servers or not enough of them to service everyone

Every night it the same thing I can’t get Netflix service. The shows start and stop and this goes on and on like this every night. I just had CSI NY on working and that lasted a whole five minutes. … Continue reading

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Does this work?

Trying to post to my blog and it doesn’t want to do it. Trying to get the new MIT Live Writer to work. So for all the days I’ve tried this it hasn’t done it. Trying this email address type … Continue reading

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Where’s my post?

Trying to get this off line writer working. Have the new MIT Windows Live Writer program and trying to make it work but coming up with errors saying that my blog isn’t there or the name and password are wrong.

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Stuck with my blogs

Trying to setup the newer MIT Live Writer program. It show that it’s linking to the blog site but where I try to post something, it says not there. Just driving me crazy. Can’t get into the Google Blog sites. … Continue reading

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