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Trump said it all, “It’s all just talk!”

Trump blowing a lot of hot air said it’s all just talk. He doesn’t have any new ideas it’s all just talk. When he’s asked questions he refers to just watch me. So nothing has changed even with Trump, it’s … Continue reading

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Been Slacking Off and have to Change

I haven’t been posting lately as you can see. I’ve run a few things through my mind thinking about it but just didn’t get up and write it down. There’s been a lot of politics going on. Then I’ve been … Continue reading

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Who is the big CHEESE?

We are fastly becoming second place in the world but we are far farther down the list in other sectors such as medical. we are in the 30’s as far as medical. Internet we are competing with third world countries … Continue reading

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Congress has been doing some things

Pictures speak a thousand words. A few words speak even more.   This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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Those Damn Racist Bigots….

You’d think I’m talking about the south in the United State but no, it’s the Jews another four letter word of hate.The Jews abuse the people of Palestine where they are being occupied by the Jews. It’s worse there then … Continue reading

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What’s with Bobby Jindal?

Talk about keeping the poor people down. Jindal won’t expand Medicaid even if the federal government pays for it. This leaves hundreds of thousands of people with no insurance. What is wrong with Jindal. Does he just hate people? Is … Continue reading

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Why do republicans want to cut Social Security?

Why do the republicans blame the poorest of the country for the problems. I wasn’t the poor that caused the banking problem. It wasn’t the poor that caused the housing bubble and collapse. It was rich CEO’s, bank presidents, greedy … Continue reading

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