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What! still more rain….

Well, this is more then the usual year for rain. The “El Nino” has to be doing it. Haven’t seen any snow here just rain. Poor Bee’s are flying around the trees and no blossoms for them. I seen a … Continue reading

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New Life, the babies of the forest

It’s been a great time here seeing the new life coming forth. From the little black kitten that joined our family. To all the little babies that have been coming around with their proud mothers showing them off to me. … Continue reading

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Another grateful day in the forest.

My forest friends are on the porch and one is so tired. Little Miss Pinky is laying on the walkway sleeping. She is a wonderful raccoon who had three babies this year. She was born to Mrs. Nippers and her … Continue reading

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Cuteness is…..

Cuteness is a kitten playing with your shoe strings for hours. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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Baby Tiggers came home tonight

I’ve been so worried about baby Tiggers because she hasn’t been home an a couple nights. I have a general idea where she might be but I’m worried about her. Sprockets chases he off and I don’t know why she’s … Continue reading

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It works, finally

After beating my head against the wall I called my “IP” up. Very little help. I did figure out what was wrong on my own by deducting what the “IP” didn’t say. I even got the TV hooked up so … Continue reading

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Momma Kitty

“Oh look at me I caught a lizard.” I’ve never seen kitties like my kitties who catch things like lizards then eat them. I saw them eating a snake one day. Most of the time they go after big bugs … Continue reading

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It’s Puppy Girl

There’s the Puppy Girl my fox friend who comes by most every night about 9 PM. After Puppy Girl stops by her daughter Sprout comes by. I can tell them apart by where they sit. They will sit for hours … Continue reading

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New Little Buddy, Arrow

Why it’s the albino raccoon and the new buddy Arrow. I have to call her Arrow with the big smile. Arrow is the only creature that comes around that will eat the cats canned food. I’m very amazed at all … Continue reading

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Little Bo-Boo Leg Buddy

Ran out of cheddar cheese so I tried Cream Cheese and my little Bo-Boo leg Buddy likes it. She’s got a hurt back leg and has become weak but I’m feeding here extra good so she will get stronger.  I … Continue reading

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