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New Life, the babies of the forest

It’s been a great time here seeing the new life coming forth. From the little black kitten that joined our family. To all the little babies that have been coming around with their proud mothers showing them off to me. … Continue reading

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Cicrle of Life

  It’s the Baby Girl, she perks up when she hears her name. She such a delight to see with her brother here eating apples, plums and grazing. I’d like to find more native grasses and plant them here since … Continue reading

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The Pretty Momma Deer

My deer friend Momma Deer. At times I swear she knows everything I say. Well she’s been around here for many years raising her babies. She would come here to rest and let the babies play with the other babies. … Continue reading

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Looking out the front door window

I’m always amazed at the wildlife here. They always amaze me because of how they get along with everyone. I see a fox eating from the plate of corn. Two raccoons are eating cat food and looking around only a … Continue reading

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Working with Linux

Was just going to try Linux but moved into it rather well. Trying several versions also. Did a lot of downloading. Made a lot of disks to try out. Like the Live versions where you don’t have to do a … Continue reading

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