What a year, almost Christmas 2016

Well, what a year. My ache and pains have gotten worse. I need neck surgery because my vertebra in my neck are starting to look like the vertebra in my lower back before surgery. It scares me every time I hear it making noises as I turn my head. Looking at the MRI it doesn’t look so good my spinal cords getting pinched. I tried pasting my MRI photo here but it didn’t paste. I’ll have to look at how everything works here doing the posts while online. I used to use Windows Write program the one that came as a package with the mail program. It worked great for so long but I’ve had computer crashes and tried reinstalling the program in Windows 7 and Windows 10 and then I found out they have a new version made by MIT. They look the same. I noticed when your entering your web site it wants to do things and not let you enter the things manually. I sort of gave up on both program which stop me from doing posts. I’d write something over time and then post it. Being online I tend to get dropped because I’ll spend too much time writing. My Google blog which was my first blog and was sort of a mirror of this blog. It was easy to do with Windows Write program to post it that way. So now I’m forced to do this online. I guess that’s the way of things to come. No one will have programs on your computer and all the programs you will use will be in the cloud. It’s a push for everyone having to be online. I don’t like it that way. Sure it’s great for a phone but I don’t use cell phones. I see them as an anchor that ties you down. I see how people pay attention to the phone and nothing else. You’ll be talking to someone and they point their finger up in the air while answering their phones. You can’t even talk to someone without that cell phone stopping you and now you have to wait for the person to get off the call.

So, here I am typing online. I’ll try getting those other programs working so I can write my post off line.

There’s my kitties. My indoor kitties, Bennie the all black kitty and Tiggers my baby girl with such odd colored long hair. Even the length are different. She’s so special to me and I really love her. She sleeps next to me until she found the couch in the extra room. It’s three pieces of the same couch out in the living room that were extra. I see it’s nice and quiet in there for them. Bennie lays near Tiggers and is trying to be her friend when he’s not jumping on her. Bennie wants to play but he doesn’t realize how he hurts the other kitties. I found him under a bush out side the back porch. He was cold, wet and hungry. Every morning he would be there to eat. I don’t know if he was living in the forest or if like other cats that have been dropped off in the park as people move away and think their kitties will live in the park. I’ll help trap them and get them fixed and into a good home. Bennie was so special how he came to me. Just a little thing all black but those big eyes looking at me. He loves attention and as I pet him he likes to lick me, little Bennie kisses. When he came up to the back porch where there’s a couple boxes he was so excited. He had a warm dry place to stay. Slowly I got him to come in the house to eat in the kitchen. I kept working with him until he came into the house and stayed. He loves it inside. He also lays on the bed near me. I don’t like how he stops, lays down right where I’m walking. It’s hard to say no to those big green eyes looking up at me.

I have four outdoor kitties. They don’t want anything to do with being inside. I’ve tried and tried. All I can get them to do is come in a few feet and eat a plate of food I set out for them. I fixed up the side deck for them. I’ve got tarps over the side of the house to keep them dry. On the side deck is a tent like deal with a oil filled heater inside. I put LED light strips for them to see. The floor has thick blankets to lay on. There’s two pet beds and they are both heated from the bottom by these heating pads. It stays around 70 plus inside the tent. I used 2″x 4″ boards to hold up the tarp. There are blankets also laid over the boards. The kitties like hoping on top of them to see the world through this real clear plastic I got. The other tarps are brown on one side and silver on the other. It all works out great for them. They are warm and dry on the side deck. The little forest friends walk around and leave the kitties alone. Even the bears leave the kitties alone.I see I have to go out and hunt down the food bowls one of the bears walks away with them. Well, it’s more then one bear and they all go to the same place with the bowls. One bear like to take them by the picnic table. This other bear will take them to the creek or road. Boo-Bo Girl will just eat them on the porch. She’s a young thing that’s one year old now. She was coming here last year with mom. That was the first time she licked me on the nose. Ever since then we have been friends. Mom was a nice girl but had one bad eye with cataracts. She would lay out here looking out over the yard for hours. The kitties would be walking around and mom would watch them. Even the raccoons and skunks would walk around and mom would just watch them.

Well, I’m getting that sharp burning pain in my legs. I need to lay flat on my back and look up at the ceiling for a bit until the pain goes down. I don’t know if getting a cortisone shot in my lower back would help me. It could be my neck being pinched causing the problem. I need to find my MRI pictures and size them so I can post them for everyone to see. It’s really frightening to see. It’s amazing what science has done making the MRI machines. That’s such a great way to see in the body. The CT machine or scans are also really great. I had one CT scan many years ago on my head to check out my sinuses. I have a tumor going from the front of my nose to the back of my throat. Had a couple surgeries on my sinuses so I could breath better. Boy, that was a lot of fun getting my nose broken and waking up in a hospital bed being sick from all the blood that ran down my throat. That CT scan was interesting because when the beam crossed my eyes I could see what looked like sparks in my eyes. They were circles that lit up. I’ve never seen that again after that one time.

Well, I’m glade I’ve sat here and wrote something in so long. Just a few things happening in my life. I’ll have to keep trying those programs. Maybe even see if there’s other programs. I see WordPress has a program to write your post offline. I installed it but that’s as far as I got with it. I started deleting some program today. I install them to see if I want the program and then forget I installed it and for what reason. I’ve been playing with Arduino boards and Arduino IDE to program the board. Haven’t don’t much but I see that’s going to be a great aid in learning programming. I found a Microsoft HTML writing program today. I don’t know if it’s an independent program or it goes to something. I really need to sit down everyday and go through the tutorials on Visual Studio. I’ll start with Visual Basic and work up to Visual C++. I wish Microsoft kept up with the Windows Live Mail because I found that a great program.

Sort of bothered how the election went. I like Bernie and hoped he would have made it. He has some great ideas and directions for the country to go. Well, maybe in four years he could run again. If only it was Bernie vs Trump, Bernie would have come out on top. But like Trump said the fix was in and so he won. Just amazing how he takes the job like it’s no big deal. I don’t know how he’s going to keep his businesses from his daily doings. We need real voting machine that work with paper ballots and the machines only count them so a hand count could be done.

Well, that’s in for me today. Have to walk off this pain and lay down.

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Getting old and falling apart unless I had help like gravity to help crush my spine just a bit more. Had a compression fracture at T-12. That's two levers below where the old surgery ended. Wonder how the screws are. If they became loose also. Wonder how they will plan to do the surgery this time. Will they replace the Huntington rods the one that's broke. Since the fall It feels like my sprine has turned one an it falling apart
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