Well, that didn’t work right!

Ok, went to another site I have on WordPress and went to post what I posted on my first site. What happened is I posted the same thing twice and nothing was posten on the other site. In fact it thinks I’m in the other site. I’m trying to look up the how to’s of the site but getting nothing but other peoples posts. What to do. I can’t add another site to this WordPress program, the offline editor and settings. I’m getting the same run around like at Blogger. I wanted to keep a couple site and some times post common items but have different themes of what I’m posting. I wanted to have a political site, a nature site with my photos. I’m getting a head ache trying to figure out what’s going on with all these sites, Blogger and WordPress. I get emails all the time showing me themes and junk. Most of the time I’ll just delete it because they look all the same. Only so many time you can look at themes. I sure liked it when Windows Live Writer worked for me. It worked great in Windows XP but after that I’ve never gotten it to work right. So I don’t know which site this is going to post to or how I’m ever going to get to my other sites. I just wanted a simple blog to post things from day to day. I didn’t want to make up some sort of commercial site. I can’t believe the Windows 10 browser. I hate having to keep pressing buttons to get cookies I don’t want. I set the no third party cookies. Well, life has been complex lately. Everythings breaking so why can’t this break too.

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