Netflix, no servers or not enough of them to service everyone

Every night it the same thing I can’t get Netflix service. The shows start and stop and this goes on and on like this every night. I just had CSI NY on working and that lasted a whole five minutes. Now it cut out and the problems the same not enough servers to handle the load. Can’t supply the people with what you want. Every night it’s like this. I’ll start watching something and get five ten minutes into it and the service stop. Then I’ll try a different video and that may just sit there doing nothing. Tonight was the first time I called the help service at Netflix. Justin wanted me to turn my TV on and off and turn my router and modem on and off. My internets working just fine it’s your service that’s not working. Turning the router on and off is like turning a light on and off and unscrewing the bulb and screwing it back in and turning on the light to see if the light works. My internet is working fine. I can see that your servers aren’t working feeding the data too me. Nothing wrong on this end like most all services try to make it out to be. It’s your service it doesn’t have enough servers to feed everyone watching and your too chincy to pay for more servers. I heard since Amazon has a bunch of servers that there service doesn’t have this problem and it’s about the same cost plus you get packages faster if you get there IPTV service. Kodi works real good too. I have a Raspberry Pi setup with it and I can’t believe how good that works. I have a HDMI cable plugged into my TV and the sound and video come though the cable so cleanly. I can watch WCBS and other TV channels around the county for free and get the same stuff Netflix gets. Most of there movies and shows are from Canada and England or the movies are real old. I can get new movies on Kodi for nothing. So disgusted at Netflix. It’s out all the time even at 3 AM in the morning. How else is watching Netflix in Northern California that I can’t watch it because there aren’t enough servers.


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Getting old and falling apart unless I had help like gravity to help crush my spine just a bit more. Had a compression fracture at T-12. That's two levers below where the old surgery ended. Wonder how the screws are. If they became loose also. Wonder how they will plan to do the surgery this time. Will they replace the Huntington rods the one that's broke. Since the fall It feels like my sprine has turned one an it falling apart
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