What! still more rain….

Well, this is more then the usual year for rain. The “El Nino” has to be doing it. Haven’t seen any snow here just rain. Poor Bee’s are flying around the trees and no blossoms for them. I seen a few years where there wasn’t much if any bee’s. Now it’s cold out and the bee’s are in the cherry trees without blossoms. Small cherry’s have been growing on the Queen Anne’s. That’s a two color cherry. I’ve got other cherry trees and they also have small cherries and bee’s flying around. There’s only a couple plants with flowers on them right now. One has these snow ball like flowers. This other one with white flowers and long spindly sticks as a plant aren’t much to look at. They don’t branch very good like a normal plant. It’s these sticks coming up from the ground twisted together in a large knot of branches. They go from the ground up into the mess and hand down towards the ground. The deer seem to like them and leave a bare stick when they are done. There is this plant with purple clumps that are small flowers in these clumps. There’s a couple of those plants here and they seem to stay about the same size with the deer trimming them back also. I really never noticed the apple tree get any flowers. It’s rained at times pretty hard knocking the blossoms off. There’s this fake pair tree that gets these berry like things and lots of blossoms. In fact it’s the first tree to blossom with white flowers. Then the high winds and rain came  blowing them away. There was so many flowers and at first it looked like the blossoms were starting to fall over so the ground was covered white. More blossoms were coming out as the peddles fell. That tree is a real knot too. Tat one storm was pretty cold and the flowers were falling off so the ground was so white. It really looked like it snowed under the tree. It looked really good with all the flower peddle on the ground and the tree. The storm really did a number on the tree. The peddle on the ground blew all away and the flowers on the trees were knocked off with the harsh rain. The winds really kicked up over a couple storms. I thought something was going to blow away for sure. I expected the traps to tear and blow away. They held up really good. I have them up for the kitties and they cover the side deck. On the deck I made a tent with blankets. I put a oil type heater under the tent to keep the kitties warm. It stays about 70 degrees under the tent. The heat rises so at the bottom is a bit cooler. I have carpet on the floor of the deck. Then several towels and throw rugs covering the deck to make it nice and soft for the kitties. I got a pet bed for a puppy from a friend. They all tried sleeping in the one bed. So, I bought one on sale at Wal-Mart for $6 dollars. I put them almost together with some padding between them to make it soft like the beds. I filled these tub socks up with filler. Mainly cut up socks and then sewed the tub socks so they wouldn’t fall apart. I made up two long things and used them to line the edges. I’ve got a small LED light inside just enough so the kitties can see each other and inside but not so bright that it would keep them up at night. The side deck works out well for the kitties. When it’s windy and raining all the kitties are there staying warm and out of the rain. My kitties are everything to me. They are so special.I’ve been only able to get two kitties in the house, Bennie and Tiggers. The thunder storms are really something to see. I shot some video of them and will post that soon as I run the repair disc. I think it’s called The Rescue Disc. I thought You made the rescue disc from your working operating system but I found that you need to download a ISO file and make a DVD disc. I got this OxC000000e error message. It couldn’t find the WinLoad file. I booted up to a Linux OS and searched for it and couldn’t see it. Saw something I never seen before while in Linux. Some of the files had these triangle signs for icons on some files. I hope that doesn’t mean the files are crap. I’m really going to have to make a back up of the operating system and the programs installed. I’ve got so many programs installed. Many of them I’ve forgot why I installed them or what they even do. Been trimming the trees and bushes along the road. It’s about 1/4 mile to the mail box. Starting to look like I’ve done something. I have a couple oak trees to trim back. Also have to bring the ladder down to these vines so I can trim them. I’ve trimmed along the fence as high up as I cold reach. Have to call or write the city about getting part of the road fixed like how they fixed one other part of the road. Well, it looks like rain all day today. Heard from Mike that it’s storming in Sacramento. I take it that it will move this way. Had several break in warnings on the TV last night. They were mostly for farther north. Looked like on the weather map it’s going to rain here a few times over the next few days. Well, it’s raining farther north. Better there then here. I don’t need it if I’m going to be on the road. Have to get kitty food. Well, better get going.


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Getting old and falling apart unless I had help like gravity to help crush my spine just a bit more. Had a compression fracture at T-12. That's two levers below where the old surgery ended. Wonder how the screws are. If they became loose also. Wonder how they will plan to do the surgery this time. Will they replace the Huntington rods the one that's broke. Since the fall It feels like my sprine has turned one an it falling apart
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