What’s going on….

Well, I set something and now Windows Live Mail my default account doesn’t so new mail. I see it in the Windows 10 mail program along with all my other accounts. I don’t like that program because you need to be online to see the mail. The Windows Live Mail program you can download the mail and get off line. Not that I do that but I see which account has mail and I have the one mail inbox at the top with everything new. When I press the button to download the mail it wants to display the default mail but it has this blink like action and nothing. I tried moving all the mail into a “Saved Folder”  that’s at the bottom of all the mail accounts. All the mail show up on a different computer using Windows XP. I also see the mail in the Windows 10 Mail program but I don’t like using that program. I want to use Windows Live Mail program.


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Getting old and falling apart unless I had help like gravity to help crush my spine just a bit more. Had a compression fracture at T-12. That's two levers below where the old surgery ended. Wonder how the screws are. If they became loose also. Wonder how they will plan to do the surgery this time. Will they replace the Huntington rods the one that's broke. Since the fall It feels like my sprine has turned one an it falling apart
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