Questions, Questions, Questions; Holographic like….

Many years ago in the mid 70’s I started looking at how the universe was put together from a subatomic type view. I was looking at how interference patterns and how radar mainly 3d radar works. We were just getting semiconductors that worked at high frequencies. Still we were using tubes to make microwaves then. It was before string theory and quantum theory. I was looking at how a atom interacted in time and space. I saw the atoms looked like a pattern on a oscilloscope which I was really good with along with spectrum analyzers. I was working in electronics back then either working with computers and digital stuff to analog items like power amps and power supplies and switching supplies. Using scopes were great in that I could see and explain how something was working.

I was looking at how an atom was moving at a point in space and wondered how that atom would be acting if it was in a different place in time. I was trying to get my head around what we call quantum entanglement. were we able to move in space and time be changing how the magnetic fields are so they we could simulate time in a different place? Could travel be done by changing how space looked and was like another time in space? back then I was doing a lot with radar and how holograms acted the same way as the radar that could see in three dimensions. I don’t know if the spy 1 radar was in use yet but that’s sort of where my mind was looking at space and time of atoms in space and time. It was about interference patterns. I also was looking at when the big bang happened and concluded that there was a start of a magnetic field that started spinning and traveling in space. Sort of look at it as if there was a edge in space where the big bang was moving from the center outward and that would be a really big noise or the explosion of the big bang traveling in space at the speed of light I was seeing that there should be harmonics to the big bang increasing the harmonics the farther away from the center of the big bang.

There’s a few videos out on the internet which at first thought might have the same ideas I had years ago but no it clearly isn’t. I had to stop the videos and keep going on to the next one to see what they were saying. They pretty much were getting back to putting the earth in the center of the universe and I knew that was wrong.

I still see the quantum states of matter still looking like patterns on a scope. We had a discovery of two black holes running into each other making a gravity wave which was detected in two places in the USA. I believe one was being run by MIT and the other by UC Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore Lab. Have to start thinking about quantum gravity and how that make atoms work in time and space. Just wondering if there is and charge effect of a collection of atoms making a large body like an earth. Does that take on a net charge of the total amount of the atoms? Well, it’s bed time time to make some good dreams.


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