Lee Whittington is a dirt bag and hides viruses on your computer


Do not trust The Windows Club, they hide crap on your computer and it’s a pain to remove. They want you to pay them asking for donations on Pay Pal. It’s a looser program and isn’t the Ultimate Windows Customizer program.

Donations go towards helping me Lee Whittington with future developments
and are in no way affiliated with The Windows Club.

I use the donations to help maintain my computer which goes through alot
of abuse for me to do the things I do.

This also helps me know that users appreciate the hard work I put into
all of the applications that I write and to know what users are interested
in and what users aren’t.

I will in no way push anyone to donate but greatly appreciate it if one
comes. Just a poor southern boy from Alabama, lol.

If you wish to donate but don’t use PayPal, you can contact me via
JohnLeeWhittington@hotmail.com with the service you prefer and I will
happily create an account.

Lee Whittington

Why do you need files to hide files?

People to stay away from.


Ultimate Windows Customizer was an idea from my friend Anand, site owner of http://www.thewindowsclub.com.
Most of the stuff included is things I have not dealt with before and as such it has taken months
and I mean hard working months to put this together. The following are many great sites\developers I
have drawn inspiration from on our quest to create a one of a kind all in one Customizing App for
Windows 7 and coming, for Windows 8.

The Windows Club




Windows SevenForums


How to Geek

MSDN Forums

Coder for Life

Helge Klein

And lets not forget BING

While no individual names are given. I could go line by line through many of the great developers out there
with their endless ideas.

And to think I downloaded this off a site I trusted. Better think twice before getting things from San Francisco web sites.


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