Why is Eldorado County workers using DATA from 1996?

Simple answer is the data and income tables they are using is from the web site that was built in 1996 and no one has updated the state information. They are using data from 1996. They don’t know that the state is paying up to 165% of poverty. They think people can live on $600 dollars a month and that people have to pay $625 a month share of cost to get MediCal. They don’t care to look into why things are wrong but just keep using the old wrong tables year after year and never question why it’s so wrong. So many people are being effected. I just wonder if there’s a leader that doesn’t want people to get MediCal and is forcing people to use this old data so they can pocket the surplus money they didn’t use. No one can get MediCal the way it’s being done.

I need a lawyer. Maybe even a law firm that can do a class action law suit against the county and the workers up the chain of command. A law firm would be able to get all the people in the county that are being wronged. I’ve asked several people where you have to sign in about this cost they call your share of cost. I wonder if this is being done because of the ACA and they want people to blame this on Obama. I’ll have to drop him a line to find out. Maybe they could look into this better and help clear up my credit problem cuased by the county. This has been going on for years and I just found out about this from one person at the dentist who told me that to get state dental I have to pay $625 a month my share of cost.When Jerry was telling everyone how many things will be returned to MediCal why hasn’t the county picked up on this or are they doing this to make it seem that the ACA has problems.

Checking the state web site they have Jerry’s picture in the corner. So many things are different there. When you look at how much income you can have before you can’t have MediCal paid for that’s 165% of poverty. Doesn’t say anything like that on the county’s web site.


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