Trump said it all, “It’s all just talk!”

Trump blowing a lot of hot air said it’s all just talk. He doesn’t have any new ideas it’s all just talk. When he’s asked questions he refers to just watch me. So nothing has changed even with Trump, it’s all just talk. A bunch of ideal threats. Empty words. The rest of the republican playing field is a real joke. Why can’t they come up with any presidential material?

Hearing Chaney just gets me how he’s pushing for another war and thinks what he did to Iraq worked out just fine. What world is he on? Where does he get his news? He must have a bunch of yes men around him telling him everything is just fine. Now he wants to go to war with Iran for some crazy ideas. He said that the deal that was worked out between Iran and many other countries and the UN was bad. If this deal doesn’t go through because of some nut cases then many other countries will be wondering why.

If Jeb Bush gets elected then there will be another war. It’s all about getting the oil in the case of Bush’s. Jeb’s got Dad’s friends which will tell him what he has to do just like Chaney told George W. what to do.


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