Why is General John Allen supporting Isis?

Those generals of the Bush era are still around. They were the ones telling everyone Iraq was a cakewalk. Allen was the one that got some sort of deal with Turkey to bomb the Kurds so that we could use bases in Turkey. It also makes a no fight zone so that Isis can get resupplied. The Kurds were going to kick the crap out of Isis until Turkey bombed the Kurds. They were setup to block off the supply lines when Turkey start bombing the Kurds. Why do we still have those left over generals that screwed up in Iraq running around making deals and policies.

ISIS Benefits As Turkey Bombs Kurdish

I thought it was just me but I see a few others have noticed that bombing the Kurds isn’t a good idea. Why they are bombing the best fighters against Isis is just stupid. It was good that pulled out the anti missile defenses from Turkey. I don’t know why Turkey is so against the Kurds. They are attacking them in several countries and not doing anything about Isis.

I hear there are many people and generals that want to get rid of Allen before he really screws things up. I don’t know why those generals got to stick around after Iraq. They sure blew it there. Jed has all those blowhards hanging around in the wings. Don’t need any of those neocons back in office again. They proved what they can do and cost the country so much.


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