Listening to the Greek deal.

I can’t believe what the world banks call help these days. I guess you need to blame it on capitalism. Greece gets billions of Euros just to pay the banks they just got the loans from. They don’t see a dime of it, that money goes directly to the banks making them the loans. The people of Greece that depend on social program still have the big cuts as far as I heard. People that depended on money to live still are looking for help. The austerity programs are still in effect.

Capitalism leads to many things. It leads to greed and poor people and super rich. It leads to homeless people because they can’t afford to live. Many people have to drive hours to work because they can’t afford to live where they work. People seem to become mean and treat other countries unjust like Greece is being treated. Germany forgets how it was bailed out after World War II. Germany forgets how the loans it got were forgiven so the country could flourish. If that wasn’t done they still would be paying off the loans from post WWII.

What if Germany was divided up to all the countries that it effected during world war two? Then we would never had the Berlin wall because there wouldn’t have been a Germany to divide up then. We might not have had the cold war like it was because Germany had been split up and given to all the surrounding countries. Sure there would be the left over Germany people but they would belong to new countries. Then like the capitalist way we sell off all the antiquities of Germany and make many parts of the country into an amusement park.

Now the world is cutting up Greece. Who needs a war when you have a bank.


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