Where did it go and who let it be taken before it was inspected by scientist and criminalist.

Everyone say all the trucks coming and going on the clean up of the twin towers but who was minding the store? Who was paid of to look the other way when the steel was taken off and recycled in a criminal based recycling yard. All the steel was suppose to be brought to one yard where investigators were going to inspect the steel to see what it failed. It was gone and made into other things or just lost where no one could find it since it was blended with other steel that was being recycled. The crime scene was gone except for a few parts. Most of the steel had been stolen. Talk to those Sopranos type people for taking it.

People in the pocket. People had to be paid off to look the other way. No one seem to know where the steel went or who took it. How could that much steel disappear? Graft! People and connections and pay offs made the steel disappear.

Why wasn’t this looked into and why didn’t anyone go to jail? They all were paid off, that’s the way of that type of crime. Not only are the cops on the take but judges, and inspectors and everyone along the line had been paid off so that a crime family could make millions and millions. Still no on has bothered to look into where the steel went. No one even the press didn’t bring this to any ones attention. Not even a single soul went to jail of this. Now that’s where crime really pays because the criminal are in all levels of government.

Doesn’t it make you wonder where all the steel went from the twin towers. There could have been trace chemical on the steel which some people in the government didn’t want people to find. They didn’t want to find out why the steel got so hot that it was melting and burning. There are many YouTube videos talking about the chemical used to melt the steel and how it was put into the building and that people high up in the government knew it was there and they wanted to get rid of the twin towers and collect the insurance on the building because they would make more if terrorist had destroyed them. Makes you wander who all is in this web of criminals. Someone wanted these towers to come down to make a case for war with Iraq. Something Bush had a map of in the Whitehouse the first weeks of moving in. He was planning on how he could get a war started with Iraq according to one senator that saw the maps. George was so happy to point out all the oil fields and which one could increase the amount of output. Was Chaney and Bush using this even just as a public demonstration of what needed to be done and how everyone was manipulated it to voting for a war with Iraq. Rumsfeld is still digging through the desert looking for weapons of mass destruction. What a joke that was.

What is even ore sick is the people that believe that weapons of mass destruction were found based on nothing but gossip and a twisted vey of what the republican party is all about. It’s about imperialism and nothing more plus a few people made off with billions of US dollars that seem to get lost like the steel. Why had Obama chickened out on prosecuting the people of the conspiracy. I imagine he was paid off too not to look into it. The republicans look at Bush as a black chapter in history and one of the worst president the country has every had.

Then all the no bid contract all given to Chaney ex-employer no questions asked and no prices quoted for work.

Why do republican votes vote the way they do. It’s because they are simpletons. When a republican says he’s going to create jobs votes believe them. They just don’t tell them which country the jobs are going to be created in but they won’t be here. The votes have been told unions were a bad thing even though they were the way standards of living were gauged and set in other industries. So the voters were told to vote them away and when their jobs cut or they are ask to give up all there retirement and take a wage cut of 50% to keep there jobs they blame the wrong people they aren’t blaming themselves for voting all this in to destroy their life.

Remember Regan was an actor playing the part of a president.


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