New Life, the babies of the forest

It’s been a great time here seeing the new life coming forth. From the little black kitten that joined our family. To all the little babies that have been coming around with their proud mothers showing them off to me. I just saw a old deer friend tonight and she looks a bit thinner. I didn’t see the babies but I’m sure Momma Girl had her babies. There are other mothers having a hard time biting their butts because they are so pregnant. It’s been really hot here and the cherry’s are just about gone. The birds have gotten them. The turkey have been spending the days under the canapé of the forest. There’s an old road that was used before they put the power lines in that I keep clean. It was made some time around the turn of the century, that’s the 1900’s. I like walking along the old road and checking out the forest flower. The oak tree leaves cover the ground in parts of the forest and in other areas it’s nothing but pine needles. There are these reddish blue clover growing in many areas unique to that spot in the forest. There are some flower that look like they are backwards. The peddles point back while the pestles point forward. There is a unique bee that just pollenates that flower. There are so many pollinators in the forest besides the European Honey Bee. The other day I noticed a tree with flowers on it and bumble bees flying all around it. Under the bushes the deer like to lay down and rest and get out of the heat of the day. The bur clover are winning in many areas but I’ve turned to pulling them out by hand. A weed whacker just plants the seeds. It removes the plants but it removes all the plants that’s why I turned to weeding by hand. So far it’s been a lot of work but I’ve seen so many tiny plants under the tops of the small plants.

Pentax 030

Here’s one plant that is just a couple inches tall that lives under the small plants. I don’t know what this is called but I’ll have to look it up. There was a real good web site I used to go to to find plants but it’s seems to be gone now. It was one of the best plant sites I have been to. It had great pictures of the plants. It gave you the Latin name and history along with the native American name and common name. In the Native American name it told you what it was used for and how it was used. I’d like to find out what the name is for the type sage I have growing because it brings in the Tiger Swallow Tail Butterflies. I haven’t seen them fly to any other plant but these sage plants with a bright red flower. The flower is too bright and covers a wide spectrum of light and doesn’t photograph like you see it.

Pentax 001a 

Mrs. Pinky and her two babies.

Pentax 037

The Big Bird, the leader of the group of 12 birds.

Pentax 065

Mom and baby taking in the sights.

Pentax 007

Look how pregnant my deer friend is. Her daughter looks so much like her and so does her son with the tiny antlers. Her older son by a couple years is growing a real large set of antlers this year. They look so much like his grandfathers antlers. Genes are amazing watching them being handed down from generation to generation. I’m so glad I’ve taken close up photos of all the deer’s faces to see in the different families. It’s also amazing to see that wildlife expresses emotions. I’ve seen happy and sad faces. Young deer have friends they like to play with and they are so happy being with their friends.


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