Another grateful day in the forest.

My forest friends are on the porch and one is so tired. Little Miss Pinky is laying on the walkway sleeping. She is a wonderful raccoon who had three babies this year. She was born to Mrs. Nippers and her four other babies a couple years ago. I have to over turned stackable containers on the porch and the skunks will find their ways under them to rest and sleep. I’ll just see a tip of a tail sticking out.

My hands are dry from pulling weeds. There’s two type I mainly pull out. The bur clover and the weed that is related to carrots but has burs also.When I’m pulling weeds I pull up the tangled mess on the ground. The other day when I stepped out of the car I started pulling bur clover at me feet. I pulled more and more until I was near the sage plants. I don’t know what type of sage they are yet. I’m pulling up the bur clover growing up to and under them. I don’t want to take a chance with weed killer and not get the sage.

I have to cut down the thistles. There was several of them by the cherry tree and the path leading into the creek. I pulled the other weeds on the path to keep it clear for the deer coming out of the creek.

I was rubbing Tiggers belly, she really likes that when I found a could burs. I worked them out and continued rubbing her when I found a bmp in her hair. It wasn’t like a bur, closer to the skin. Sort of like knotted hair which I worked out and placed into an ash tray.When I looked closer it was a black tick. Flat and with wiggly little legs. I took a flame to it to make sure it wasn’t going to be crawling out. ticks are so tough, you can pinch them and the shell doesn’t break. They are tough like flees. I haven’t found many of these this was the first tick on Tiggers. I seen a tick on one of the skunks and a tick on Pinky’s ear. She really went to town on her ear and even split her ear really getting the tick out which was fat and sticking out. It’s legs couldn’t grab her ear so her head was the only thing latching on to her.

There was wet ground this morning at day break when I came out to feed the kitties. I found out later Mrs. Nippers was sleeping all day under the porch on the bed. I made a small frame with padding and carpet that sets above the ground so they would stay warm and dry. After making some noise on the floor of the porch Nippers woke up and walked off. Tiggers and Sprockets were checking out the little black male kitten. It didn’t want anything to do with them and let out a scream, Stay back she cried. When he saw me the mode changed and it was now a calm meow to me. Friend she meowed to me. I meowed back and she came up to me where I had a plate of Friskys and cry cat food waiting. The poor kitty is so scared because of the Rusty cat that attacked him a couple months ago. Ever since then he’s been apprehensive about other kitties.

I brought out a couple more scoops of dry food and a can of beef in gravy for the back porch. Everything was almost gone. There’s more food on the front porch for the night shift. I check the kitties, they were all sleeping on the side deck peacefully. I’m going to see if I can train them this summer to come in the house. I’ll do this slowly and let them come in at their own speed. I feel so sad for them in the winter time when it gets cold. I do have heating pads to keep them warm.

Well, another day comes tomorrow bright an early at 5 AM. Coffee and maybe oat meal before I step outside. So night to see my happy kitties in the morning. I’ll check to see if Nippers is sleeping on the bed. Buddy Kat has been sleeping in the cartons to stay out of any weather. Weeding calls for me tomorrow along with maybe some tools.


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