What’s wrong with Windows???

I should say what is right about Windows. Microsoft had to give a free version of Windows 10 so that it would get into peoples hands because no one was buying the product. They had less then a 10% of the market with the new versions of Windows. That includes Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.  The people at Microsoft have to be rather ashamed to say they work there. I’d be embarrassed to say I worked there with products like Windows coming out and it have so much wrong with it.  It’s almost like it was half done being developed and they released it. The idea that they would fix it along the way is just a poor excuse for any of these products.

Linux is free and never crashes, doesn’t work or is falling apart like Windows does. Linux works from the first time you boot it up. All the programs work too. They have a depository with tens of thousands of programs to download. Linux is so good Apple bought a version of it and made it their own. Mac sales are doing fine. I was watching Ely the computer guy on YouTube and he’s got a Mac now and loves it. He said why should I spend all this time fixing my computer when I can just turn on my Mac and it works.

So, what’s wrong with Microsoft? How can they get away with selling broken products? Will Microsoft drive every one away from buying any of their products when you can get a free operating system that works and has everything you need? Linux sure is putting Microsoft in a run for the money. Paying a hundreds for a program that needs patches and service discs and updates all the time is just crazy when you can get something that works first time and all the time.

Myself I like this version called Knoppix Linux that comes as a ISO file and you make up a DVD. It’s a real great disc and has everything. I’ve used it many times to help fix Windows. I still haven’t been able to fix Windows 7. It’s stuck in a endless repair loop. The error code it gives me is, “some things wrong with it booting up.” That’s like saying the sky is blue. Not a lot of help. I don’t feel along because I’ve found so many web sites talking about this error. Windows 10 was my fall back operating system and was working until a few days ago when the Start Button and Windows Key stopped working along with the Search Box and that Catena voice thing. I read that Microsoft knows about this problem and has known about it since January. Seems with all those programmers up there they would get someone on this problem. That should be a priority. When you can’t get at your programs to run them that should be a a real important problem to fix. All I have found as far as fixes is people taking shots in the dark on blogs. Microsoft doesn’t know how to fix it. Their best guess was make another account and see if that fixes it. What that has done for me was now I have two accounts that don’t work.


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