Still falling apart

This getting old gracefully is a joke. My backs gone. I had major back reconstructive surgery on my back and it was fused and screwed together. My right knee is going out. My left hip is going because my right knee makes me walk funny.

Then there is stress. I’m still grieving over my fathers passing. I just found out my older brother Ron is in home hospice care because of the amount of strokes he’s had. Then there’s the big rip off I’m dealing with. I’ll write more about that later. Right now I’m in grieving mode. Finding out about Ron was so shocking to me. He was a great brother. We did so much together when I was young. In the college days I helped him put his new house together. He was a great teacher. I was doing college level drafting in 6th grade. Also started using his cameras then. I was using a Speedgraphics camera and developing my 4”x5” film myself. I also did 35mm film. Later on I was doing commercial work with him. We built a studio which he used for years. He had a darkroom there but that was mostly black and white stuff I did. I learned how to light a product and take a great picture. Worked with great models.

One of the hardest shoots was at the Santa Monica pier. I had to drag a bunch of equipment down to the shore line across a long beach. The sand was a killer walking with all the heavy stuff. Was sort of fun seeing all those models in swim suites. The shots came out great. We used a flash to light up the girls against the sunset in the background. Then everyone left and it was hard work again to bring everything back to the van. I’ll really miss my brother Ron. He was a big influence on my life.


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Getting old and falling apart unless I had help like gravity to help crush my spine just a bit more. Had a compression fracture at T-12. That's two levers below where the old surgery ended. Wonder how the screws are. If they became loose also. Wonder how they will plan to do the surgery this time. Will they replace the Huntington rods the one that's broke. Since the fall It feels like my sprine has turned one an it falling apart
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