What’s with Doctor Who

I’ve been watching the Doctor Who series and noticed a few things. It looks like they are spending more money on each episode in the later ones from the beginning one. Better aliens in the later episodes. The girls that the Doctor picks up along the way have a limited ID. Season 4 picked up “Donna the dumb.” A little cosmetic surgery could remove those unbecoming warts. Just a spray of that cold stuff and they freeze right off. Donna could really use some wart removing along with a visit to the dentist and get her teeth fixed. Donna must have been picked because she does cry on command. Frumpy is another word for the girls he picks up. The first blonde he picked up was one that always did the wrong thing when you told her not to do it she did. Don’t do that it will kill you if you press that button. So what will she do, press the button to see if it works. Martha wasn’t too much better. Rather a scatter brain for a doctor student. It just amazes me when there is fighting where the line of solders are firing at something then another line of solders files in right in front of the guys all shooting. Instead of the first line take position in front first then the next line filing in so they aren’t shooting each other in the back. I do notice the special effects. Some of the construction material  used like venting used for special effects. I keep wondering if this is a kids show or for adults when Captain Jack was there having his way with other guys. At least his girl, the doctors daughter is a little hottie. Well, it looks like Jenny lasted one episode. She was nice to look at. Still wondering why all the parents in the series are dumb as rocks. Is that a cross section of the UK population? Is the doctor the only one that is thinking? The rest of the humans with him are all scatter brains.

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