Hands Up….

What’s going on in Ferguson is the tipping point of the rest of the country. I don’t know but I’ve noticed a lot of shootings by cops I don’t think were fair at all. Today’s shooting over a juice and donuts shouldn’t be a death sentence. So the guy had a pocket knife. Where are your stun guns? Why do you need to shoot the guy 10 times. As long as you keep your distance and try talking to the guy I’m sure the situation could be defused. Now someone is dead over juice and donuts. But it’s like that the cops seem to shoot first and think about what else they could do later. I heard about one shooting on the radio in the Bay area. The guy jumped the turn style and got a free ride. The cops were going after the free rider when he pulled a knife out and threw it at them. The cops pulled out their guns and shot him 20 times to make sure he was really dead. A little logic tells me that the guy threw the knife and now he is unarmed. Shooting him was over kill. They didn’t have to worry about their life being threatened because the guy threw the knife and didn’t have anything other then himself to do anything with. Besides he was just a turn style jumper no big crime not one that deserves to die over. there are so many of these questionable shooting. What gets me is they get cleared of the shooting. How can you clear someone of a shooting when the person doesn’t show a threat. He did but that time past and you still shot him. What are cops learning? Shot first and the cop shop has your back no matter what?

I heard about a guy in New York that wouldn’t open the door because his life alert medallion was set off while he was sleeping. He talked to the life alert people and said he wasn’t having an emergency. Still the cops and fire department showed up. The fire department seem to take a back seat while the cops took the door of the hinges to get in where they shot the 65 year old man. He kept telling the cops he wasn’t going to open the door because they were going to kill him if he did. All the conversation was recorded by life alert. I haven’t heard how that turned out but one of his sons was a lawyer and was suing the police department for wrongful death.

Police need to learn how to defuse the situation rather then shooting to solve a problem. Police mentality is it’s us and them. Them being the public who they are suppose to protect even from ourselves. Cops need to learn you don’t have to kill someone to prove you followed some sort of protocol, someone still dead and I don’t think that is a successful end to the confrontation. If they aren’t shooting at you then you can’t shoot that them. That needs to be the rule of law. I think it is too. They are suppose to use like threat to subdue the person not an overwhelming show of force.

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