Media Paint Israel in bad light

The media is painting Israel in the light of a aggressor that is committing genocide or at least a one sided battle. The blood thirsty Netanyahu says he committed to put an end of the terrorist actions. It’s too bad that the women and children are getting in the way of Netanyahu land grab. Netanyahu won’t be satisfied until every Arab is gone from the area and all the land is controlled by Israel. It’s such a one sided fight. Sticks and stones verses a modern army. Todays civilian body count is over 800. Most of who have died are women and children. Israel has been bombing UN sanctuaries that have clearly been marked off. Where are the people going to go if no place is safe. Gaza is just a large open air prison controlled by Israel. There’s no building supplies, medical, water, power going into Gaza without Israel’s say so. They are punishing all the people for a few peoples actions. Mostly it’s about hate. Israel is taking Palestine for themselves and no ones going to stop them. Gaza could be a great place if Israel wouldn’t be dominating Gaza like it does. It’s sad watching this blood sport being played out on TV. They need to draw a line from Gaza to the West Bank through Jerusalem and make that a state of Palestine. Just like they did at the end of WWI when the French and English split up the middle east.

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