Who is the big CHEESE?

We are fastly becoming second place in the world but we are far farther down the list in other sectors such as medical. we are in the 30’s as far as medical. Internet we are competing with third world countries thanks to companies like ATT. ATT has the government over a barrel because of all the spying. So they hold that over the government why not to advance and do better. Right now 97% of your bill is pure profit the rest goes to run your phone or internet. It’s cheaper everywhere else in the world to communicate. Our Public Utilities Commission doesn’t work for the people like it’s suppose to, it works for the ones with the big bucks. It made the news when PG&E made a request to raise the rates because share holders weren’t making enough. They were turned down but when it was rewritten that got the rate raise the following month. Corporations don’t work for the country or people of the country they only work for share holders and that’s it. Doesn’t matter what country the share holder comes from so our enemies could and most likely have shares in places like Walmart.

Ever since we went off the gold standard inflation has gone wild. That’s because we have presidents like Regan and Bush who say don’t worry about the deficit.  Then there’s Regan’s most famous quote, Government is the problem admitting that he was the problem with government. Regan admits that he should quit government to fix it. Then there are a bunch of other republicans that tell you the same thing, they are the problem and should be fired and leave government.

Other countries are doing much better with better governments. Most all the countries of the European Union are socialist something people of the united state haven’t a clue what it is but they don’t like it. They don’t like it because they were told not to like it. Funny though how all those countries are doing better then us. They have told us for years to hate the commies. Who is going to be number one, the commies. They are beating us at our own game. It’s about that time the child that’s loosing kicks the board and quits. Same with the stock market, since the market is fixed they know when they are going to crash the market and take all the money. They have been doing this got centuries now. Until there is a revolt against the super rich things will keep going the same. The biggest problem is apathy. People are so worried about day to day living and keeping a crappy job they don’t have time to think.

There’s a group of people trying to break up California into 6 or 7 states. I can see the right has their fingers in this one. Wouldn’t you call that treason? Why is the state even tolerating these people.

Until we have a socialist style economy we are going to continue to loose. We are going to be in the 30’s and 40’s compared to other countries for a long time to come if we stay with this market driven economy. Demark runs so well and income is spread out. They don’t have the extremes like they do here. Things worked so much better when the tax rate was up in the 90% like in the 50’s. We need to go back to that and become number one again. The radical right tells you one thing but what they are doing is destroying the country at every election. Soon as we follow that model a corporation will be running the country. As it is congress and senate except for a few people have been bought off. They should be wearing patches of all the companies that own them like a racer with his investors.

What we need is the workers party. A party like all our other two parties but one that works for the people not for the corporations. Corporations need to be set in their place. Take away the power and tax then to the max. They will survive they did in the past and the country did real well too. So don’t believe anyone that says corporations are the job creators because they aren’t it’s the middle class that are the job creators because they are the demand on the market. Without a health middle class your going to have a weak economy.

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