Afghan Army… what a mess

Watch a movie which I thought was going to be a documentary about American troop but it’s on the Afghan Army. Talk about a rag tag rag head stupid bunch of people who have no loyalty. Reminds me of stories of Mexico. None of them can read or write. They can’t even read the holy book they praise so highly. All the book is an idol not a book. They can’t follow simple instructions. There’s no discipline. Go into battle and they run away like they do in Iraq. That aren’t an army but a job to get money. What they need to do is set grades. Dirt pay for no stripes. They are the ones that get to burn the shit to clean up the place. After more teaching and if they pass give then a stripe and a higher pay grade. If they run off and American Troop see that have the Afghans shoot them in the back running off. Most likely they are Taliban anyway. As the camera panned the afghan troops it was like the first time they have seen a camera and they are making goofy faces. None of them or not very many of them really have their heart in it. You can see the more professional ones because they shave and are dressed clean. Even with the army giving them a uniform they look like they never wash it just like there body hygiene, not a lot of soap spent on cleaning. Watching them just walk as a group is a problem for them. The Afghan air force is left over Russian aircraft from the 70’s. Afghans don’t take care of the aircraft you just need to look at any car driving around. They just drive it until it fails. Same with the aircraft. That’s because they don’t have anyone that can read a repair manual. The only way they learn is orally and by being shown. What a loosing, was of money the Afghan Army is. Then there it the civilian leader which play both sides of the fence and do a lot of black market deals to increase their wealth. If they had some laws maybe they could start doing something. Still they need to shot traitors. They need to put in prison troop that flake out to set examples. They can’t do boot camp like an American troop because it too hard for them. Seeing them trying to do a push up and only being able to do a couple and think it’s funny they can’t do any more when they need to be able to do 50. Same with sit ups. they do a couple and think they did something great when it’s totally a joke to them. They need to make them do boot camp over and over until they get it right. Take them out to a remote base and keep them there until they get it right. If a six month program takes two years then it takes two years. And  they can’t leave until they finish basic training. That’s going to have to be a more stern method of getting things done. not smiles and laughing at how little they can do. Drill sergeants need to carry a one of those swatting reeds and start hitting them on the backs of there legs to get the message across they are screw ups.

Afghanistan could be used as a proving ground. Been a while since we have done above ground tests. That would be a good place to test out the new and old weapons we have in our stockpiles . It’s the only country on earth that demanding a do over. Start from nothing and no people.

Need to cut out spending there because some people are getting rich who are connected like Karzi. Stop sending them tax dollars.

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