Those Damn Racist Bigots….

You’d think I’m talking about the south in the United State but no, it’s the Jews another four letter word of hate.The Jews abuse the people of Palestine where they are being occupied by the Jews. It’s worse there then it was in South Africa during the dark years.  People need to do the same thing they did to South Africa and stop buying from them. We need to stop sending them money too. Every year it the same thing billions of our tax payer dollars going to Israel and they are the problem. They use an army to take on kids throwing rock, shooting back at them. I’d like to see a siege of Israel. Screw them bigots. First they take over the Palestinian peoples country after WWII. We let them have a country but it’s just getting out of hand. Screw the Jewish bigots. Let put a real peace plan to work just like they way France and England divided up the middle east, we just draw some new lines where everyone get the same amount of land per person. Who cares if this is some old historic place doesn’t mean anything to me. Just cut the country up into two fairly divided countries. None of the creep in the west bank where the Jews keep pushing and pushing the people that have lived there for centuries out. I really object at giving them any more help until there is peace there with a two equal state solution. I can’t believe how the Jews keep saying poor us, we keep getting rockets shot at us. Then Israel returns fire bombing towns and killing dozens to hundreds of people. It’s an unfair occupation. We need to start evening the scales and start shipping guns, bombs and real rockets to Palestine where it’s a fair fight. Jews don’t do fair fighting. Just like that poor kid that was 16 years old was killed and the body was burnt because of the other three kids that were killed. Now there’s going to be more fighting over that and more fighting over the people that were killed. What a rat hole piece of the world. The only fair fight for the Jews is a 10 or 20 to 1 ratio. The Jews will need to be fully armed against children. They don’t fight real army people one on one. Back stabbing? But of course. Never turn your back on a Jew or your going to get it in the back by a dozen Jewish solders. Then the Jews will complain that the kids threw rocks, we got boo-boos and launch a invasion of a town. I sure would like to see a fair fight myself.

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