One man is destroying the country

If you’re a bible thumper start praying that Roberts with have a heart attack. Where is that Karma? I want to see the wrath of karma on Roberts. Republicans talk about legislation from the bench and how much they hate it but what is Roberts doing? The man is destroying the country. Money is not speech. Corporations are no people. Corporations hide behind the laws when it comes for them to go to jail. Roberts is all for corporations and less human rights, less unions, anything good for people Roberts is against. How I that he will just drop like a rock. Please God, strike him down then send him to hell where he belongs. How can someone that suppose to be educated think like he does. He’s not doing what’s good for the country but what’s good for corporations which are running the show because of the deep pockets they buy people like Roberts and own them. You wonder why government is broken it’s because of people like Roberts and the republicans. It just amazes me how the republican can call people names but they are the names they are calling everyone else. They forgot Bush and what a failure he was. Now they walk around with their noses in the air because their poop don’t stink or at least that what they think. History will prove out that the republican were the worst thing for this country. I’m just waiting for the rest of the country to wake up and vote them totally out of office.

What is needed is a party that works for the betterment of the people. Right now this is Rome burning. Too much money has to be used to repair the world after Bush and the NeoCons. Will there be a revolution? Most likely or it’s just going to end up like Rome and falling apart plunging the world into dark ages again. That’s going to be a hard way to go, becoming a third world country. Taxes means civilization.  Too bad the tea party doesn’t get it, they originally were fighting the tax breaks that the East India company was getting. How we are repeating the past. Too many tax breaks for the kings men. We need a workers party where everyone in the country is in a union or that the state will be looking out for the people. Doing what’s right for human development and not for what is making some one the most money. I’d like to see the tax rate of the 1950’s return.

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