Don’t sit back….

It’s about time the democrats do something rather then letting the republicans wall all over them. Start a investigation into the Iraq war and all the lies the Bush administration said. Let put some head republicans in jail. I’m sure the republicans will start crying right away. It really needs to be done to set history straight. Then we need to look into 9-11 and see if those building just happened to be taken down with controlled explosions. Several of the building that weren’t on fire ended up being knocked down the same way the towers went. there are tons of videos on the web pointing out all the reasons why it was done with controlled explosions. Then there is the line Bush said after the towers fell, “That should be enough for you.” They needed a event like Peril Harbor to get the country to go to war. Iraq was all about oil. Now look at the place, that because of Bush and Chaney. Those guys are so out there they don’t see what they did as anything wrong. They don’t thing a 10 year war was bad because they are all invested in military products. Follow the money. So many billions just seem to vanish. There wasn’t any one watching the ship sink. Bush was off on vacation while Nero played on.

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Getting old and falling apart unless I had help like gravity to help crush my spine just a bit more. Had a compression fracture at T-12. That's two levers below where the old surgery ended. Wonder how the screws are. If they became loose also. Wonder how they will plan to do the surgery this time. Will they replace the Huntington rods the one that's broke. Since the fall It feels like my sprine has turned one an it falling apart
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