So many things happening……..

So many things happening on this ball we call earth. Russians want to expand their ghetto into a no mans zone in Ukraine to protect themselves from NATO missiles. Putten wants to take after a queen of yester years. Not much the world can do but stand back and watch. Ukraine wants to be part of the EU and NATO. News cycle is hung up on the prisoner trade. Was it too many bad guys or are the republicans giving the bad guys too much power. After all at the end of a war you usually do send prisoners back. Republicans still hate everything but have no answers. They talk like they have something to offer but it’s nothing just empty words. They do every thing to get people to hate them. What a party. Rove is shooting his mouth off saying Hilary has brain damage when it’s Rove who has run his course and now is outdated. Been a few fires in the west like it was the end of summer and the hottest months of the year. It’s hot here, close to a hundred today. Was over one hundred again down in Sacramento. Still a drought in the west. Next winter we might get rain because of the temperature of the Pacific Ocean. Started seeing the baby skunks coming out with mom. I have also been seeing baby turkeys too. The quail were born during the warm spell that was in January to March. They should have been born later in the year when the right bugs are out. There’s been talk about doing something about global warming. Some sort of cap and trade thing. Also they are going to make the laws a bit stronger for what comes out of power plants. They really need to get off coal. If they looked hard enough they might be able to find a way of getting the energy out of coal and piles up what’s not used as a solid. Like turn the CO2 into rock with the aid of another mineral. Turn it into road surface. That would be a good use for the CO2. I do like the idea for the flow battery. That charges fast. I think it would even charge faster if you swapped out the liquid that’s in the flow battery. Was wondering when man will build a space station that’s big enough to house hundreds of people. Also an air freshener for the station. Right now it’s rather stinky up there. Must be a way of running air through a filter and take out all the particles in it, like the stink particles. Would be nice to see America do what other countries are doing as far as social issues. Mexico has free medical and everyone in the country is covered. I heard if you move there and aren’t Mexican you can get medical insurance for a few hundred dollars a year. America has gone out of it’s way for the people to hate the government. Seems like we should be trying to make a better government instead of gridlock. Other counties take pride in there governments and do everything to make it better. Not here, one side is always slandering the other. Rove, Bush, Chaney and all the rest of the neocons need to be put on trial for lying to the country to go to war. Everyone figured it out that they went into Iraq for the oil. I have a lecture where a senator goes into the Whitehouse shortly after Bush took office and he already had a map up of Iraq. He planned on going into Iraq before he started running. Then again it wasn’t really Bush running the country it was the people that got him into power that were running if from the sidelines. All those who were saying a CIA persons name because they were made at her husband and wanted to make the lie bigger. There wasn’t any sale of yellow cake from Africa, that was another lie. Then who is to say that Bush didn’t contract with Bin to fly planes into the buildings. I like others think a missile flew into the pentagon. There wasn’t any airplane wreckage on the ground. The fires weren’t hot enough to melt the plane and all the bodies and still leave items out undamaged. I have a Fox interview where Chaney said he shot down the one plane. Everyone seem to miss that news item. It’s so amazing now that time has gone by and no ones looking into all the lie Bush and Chaney spun.  What gets me now is how the republicans bitch about the tiniest things yet no one wants to look at what went on with Bush. It’s rather amazing how all those building came down even ones not hit fell all the same way like it was planned. Surely I’m not the only one that thinks that something fishy is up. Will that ever come out or will history white wash that period of time. Even Bush being appointed to be president was planned. Then the second election was fixed with the electronic voting. All that should be open source so everyone could check it to make sure it was working properly. Those swing states having 700 people in the town and getting 3000 votes for Bush? That was fixed. Not many people listened to that author who wrote the book about JFK and who was behind that. Just amazing that Johnson could do that and get away with it. Then he did have help from Daddy Bush and the CIA. It was a Texas job just like Bush Jr., getting into office. I’m sure those Texas people planned it all out just like JFK. Will we ever know the truth about everything?

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