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Really been slacking off with the blogs. This morning hearing the news I thought I’d add “Things about the Weather.” Since know on covers what they think climate change is. Why aren’t people in the news looking at the unusual freak storms and flooding happening while it also is drought in other areas? It really seems to stick out looking back at everything that is going on. Last year in this area we set a record for the amount of days over 100 degrees. That was three weeks of days over a 100 degrees. Who comes up with these days to measure? I know those days over 100 degrees really sucked the life out of me and I think I past out a couple times standing up. There’s no hiding from the heat. I had two small trees burn up in the buckets they were in. The roots got too hot and toasted the little trees. I was watering them in the mornings for 20 minutes. Now we are on restricted watering because of the drought here. I need to get the sprinklers going, the valves are stuck closed. I haven’t checked the wiring yet.

Like the time a few years ago in Texas it was raining for 60 days and night. Totally Biblical for a state of deniers of Climate Change and Global Warming. Then came the drought for several years and they had to sell most of their cattle because they couldn’t afford to feed the cattle.

There was Katrina that hit New Orleans and flooded out the city. The weather people were on the fence whether it was climate change or global warming that made such a large storm.

Super Storm Sandy in New York. That was a perfect storm. At the time I believe it was two weather fronts merging together forming Super Storm Sandy. Wonder how many more storms will we be naming Super Storm? That was the first and I’m sure there will be many more.

The Balkans, it rains three months worth of rain in three days. That’s going on right now but no one is covering the storm since it’s one of those out there little countries. A majority of the land mass is under water. They don’t have any weather reporters standing in the water there to show people there it wet, not like the minor storms here.

Drought are happening around the world. There are also rain fall of biblical proportions happening around the world also. Funny how you can have so much rain and so much dry at the same time. Last winter we had massive amounts of cold in the midwest to north east. Snow and freezing cold weather in southern states like Florida.

So this is the first post looking back at things I’ve remembered about freak weather. Still sticks with me seeing a guy looking at the damage of tornadoes and saying the weather has been real freaky lately. Oh, there was a record number of tornadoes this year so far in the mid country and southern states. States that never have tornadoes are getting them. Just amazing. Well that’s it for this morning.

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