What’s with Bobby Jindal?

Talk about keeping the poor people down. Jindal won’t expand Medicaid even if the federal government pays for it. This leaves hundreds of thousands of people with no insurance. What is wrong with Jindal. Does he just hate people? Is he some sort of bigot? Is he just cheap? Some things wrong with Jindal. Maybe it’s because he he resents his race after all he’s darker then African Americans. How did he get in the republican party being so dark? The republicans are the white peoples part unless your just a lackey for the republicans. Just being used as their token man of color. Maybe because of his race, how dark he is, he’s just trying harder. He wants to play with the white party and carry out all their orders to prove himself. That’s why he doesn’t want to help anyone from his state even if they are poor white folks too. Maybe he would help if they all were Indian from India.

It’s funny how MoveOn.Org put up a poster pointing out how cheap Jindal is that he needs to sue them. How can you sue someone for pointing out what your doing. I guess he didn’t like being pointed out to the masses. I guess seeing that your screw up is posted on a bill board sort of gets you.  Well, people are saying you’re a screw up then by popular demand you are.You can look at it this way too, he’s happy to pay the court costs when it’s thrown out because the suit doesn’t have any merit.

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