How big is big and was it really big?

Where did the big bang come from? What was it that did what it did? We know that the flash of the big bang is 14.4 billion light years old. Is there a place in time with a really big boom traveling out away from the universal center? Could the big bang have come from a universal vacuum cleaning black hole? After a black hole cleans up all the matter does it just sit there? What happens when it gets to the point where the black hole is full and adding just a bit more causes it to explode. A flash in giant magnetic pulse repelling pure energy into matter. Are there other really big black holes hanging around the universe outside the event horizon of our universe? What happens if one of those super black holes explodes, will we be able to see it inside our universe? Can we see past the edge of the known universe. What if there was another thing like what we call a universe past the edge of our universe. How many other things like are universe are there out there? Are they just so far away that we can’t see them? There light is going to take so long to get here that we will never see them?

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