Windows 7 and Error 217

What’s wrong with Windows? It’s made by Microsoft and they always publish broke software. What’s good about Linux? It doesn’t fail like Windows 7 and any other Microsoft product. Windows and Microsoft was a dying company because that can’t compete with FREE. Linux is always free and you can run windows program on Linux. I never have a computer running Linux stop on me. It never has errors. Even my slowest computer outruns Windows of any version. I have a 200Mhz computer and old one and I loaded Linux on it and it had all the drivers and it works. Every computer I’ve loaded Linux on always worked. I have a stack of Linux discs 6 inches tall and I’ve tried out all the version I could download and they all run with no problems. Why is it that Microsoft has such a problem coming up with a working version? There is always a problem with drivers and DLL files. Windows can’t even update itself even when they know there’s an error they post all sort of crap online how to fix things and it may or may not work. It’s a know error but you can’t make a patch to fix it. Linux doesn’t need patches because they don’t have errors. Mac turned to Linux for it’s operating system because it works. When is Microsoft going to get it’s act together? I can see why there are so many people angry with Microsoft because they write shit for programs. They need to start coming up with free software like Linux the next big thing like Android. There will come a day when your going to read about has beens and people will say remember when everyone used Windows. What ever happened to that company? When did they go out of business? What they priced themselves right out of business. They just couldn’t compete with free.

I’ve never had a programs in Linux tell me “Not responding.” Working on a Mac it’s never stopped on me either. I’ve never had a blue screen crash in Linux.

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