Global Warming Doesn’t Care

The climate system doesn’t care if you’re a republican or a democrat or how much money you have. It doesn’t care, it’s an equal opportunity planet killer. It’s not only going to kill human but everything that lives in a normal heat range. As what was coined by Loveless, The Gia principle where the planet is a living being. All the bits of everything living make up it’s components. The plants of the world clean the air and make a certain percentage of oxygen and nitrogen. The magnetic core makes up a sphere that protects us from cosmic rays. The upper atmosphere blocks harmful rays. It all works together to keep it a living planet. For the most part it’s self correcting.

Hurricane Sandy didn’t ask what party your in or how much money you have it destroyed property equally. Hurricane Katrina was the wake up call but now one was listening. I was watching the storm coming and said that’s going to be bad for New Orleans. Sandy was our next wake up call. There has been incidents in Europe and down under in Australia that we should be paying attention to. While Rush was making fun of the freezing temperatures here laughing at the people talking about global warming and climate change down in Australia is was baking hot. The last few years Australia has been having baking heat and fires. The news media doesn’t seem to want to play any of that because they are too busy talking about snow storms here. Freak snow storms that cripple states. Airlines can’t fly because of the snow which is big headlines. The fires and heat don’t play well when it’s happening on the other side of the planet. Then the storms in the Pacific have played well in the news but only until something else like politics jumps to the top of the hit list. Media sure does a poor job of telling the news. They only show what gets the best ratings.

People say that Senator Inhofe has been on the take from the petro-chemical industry and that’s why he thinks that climate science is a joke. It’s funny that science is used to make all these chemicals but Inhofe doesn’t believe in science. He’s more of a myth and magic person. Then you just have to question what state Inhofe comes from to understand his policies. It amazes me how people can use science when it suites them and other times use myths and fables like it was science.

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