Why do republicans want to cut Social Security?

Why do the republicans blame the poorest of the country for the problems. I wasn’t the poor that caused the banking problem. It wasn’t the poor that caused the housing bubble and collapse. It was rich CEO’s, bank presidents, greedy salesmen, speculators. Then there was the repeal of the Glass/Stegal act which contributed to the banking problem. Because investment bankers now were covered by the government they took bigger risks. Since hedge funds never lost they thought every thing was going to keep going fine. It’s going to go on forever the bankers and investors all thought. No one could see the house of cards. Some senators warned this day was going to come when Glass/Stegal was repealed. Everyone should know that bankers don’t have any self control. That if they can cheat they will. Republicans said we needed to keep the Bush tax cuts which were tax cuts for the rich and every one else got a minimal amount in the form of a check. The rich made out big time since their tax cut was in the form of a percentage of their income. Which means they got millions to billions cut from their taxes. Well, the Bush tax cuts ended and the world didn’t stop and the sky didn’t fall. In fact jobs were made and the stock market had record breaking amounts. So that slogan the republicans said that taxing the job makes was another myth of theirs.

A friend said to me, “those Tax and Spend Democrats.” I thought for a bit of the Bush years. That was a cut and cut and spend and spend policy. They would spend as they cut taxes not coming up for a way to pay for all the tax cuts. Then there is the two wars that weren’t paid for. That’s the sum of several trillion dollars that will have to be paid for. Still the republicans want to cut taxes and not pay for anything. They remind me of my ex-wife who said, “it didn’t cost us anything because I put it on the credit card.”

Social Security is a self funded program and has money for many years into the future. If anything that needs to be fixed is republicans. They need to stop reproducing and be fixed like a dog or cat. One thing I can see that needs to be done is making everyone pay into Social Security and stop giving the people at the top a break from paying in. Sure they might not use it but if you want to be part of America you need to take part.

Why are republicans cheer leaders to make things fail. They don’t want to help anyone except themselves. They are such a minority except for the sheep following them that can’t think for themselves. The Tea Baggers are run by the rich and they have followers that just parrot the talking points. They couldn’t come up with their own thought because they are shallow, dim witted, inbreed, hicks that don’t listen to what they are saying. If they could only hear what they are saying they would know that they are only doing themselves harm. The Tea Baggers talk about taking back the country and to do everything constitutionally but they are being funded by the Koch brothers and speaking and repeating the talking points they came up with. I don’t want more pollution, more global warming gases into the air. Koch brothers want to keep using oil and oil products. They don’t care about the future of the planet but what they can make right now. The Koch brothers say there are too many government laws, regulations and it’s costing people jobs. That’s all wrong and they are just lies. The regulations are to prevent corporations from running all over dumping pollutions every where. They want some sort of free ride. Remember their father was the leader and founder of the John Birch Society. Why don’t they like the EPA? Wasn’t Nixon that formed the EPA? Now the republicans have been attacking the EPA because someone told them to. (Koch brothers) They have people like Oklahoma’s congress man that believes global warming is a joke and is all for oil and coal and anything that will kill the planet. Why do republicans choose short term profits over long term life of the planet? Greed has to be a form of mental illness. They don’t want to help people get insured. They are against Obama because of the color of his skin and party. The minority senator really is a problem child. He thinks he’s funny but that is only funny to look at. I’m amazed at his wife. Must be a mail order bride. She must like power and money because it’s sure not for his looks. She’s lucky to be so much younger them him because when he dies which will be before her she gets it all. I guess that’s one reason for women to get married. Boehner still can’t say his name right, how can he lead the republican congress. He can’t they are all over the place. The Tea Baggers are totally out of control and don’t mind if they crash the country or worlds economy. we saw that when they shut down the country. They didn’t care. I really think they didn’t have a clue what they were doing. I don’t think they have a clue what they have done because they are out of touch with America. They only talk to other Tea Baggers so that’s what they think the people want. If you listen to crazy people and that’s all you see then of course your going to come up with weird shit. Just look at the bird brain that ran for presidency she wasn’t the devil and only was a witch for a short period in college. Just think of the people that voted for her and what a grip on reality they have. They are the ones that say, “I want government out of my Medicare and Social Security.” I know it’s funny when you hear that but you should be frightened that there are people like that, people that think like that. They are the same people that believe that the earth is 10,000 years old. Something happened back in the 60’s to the republican party. They went from being normal to this ultra conservative crap. Now everyone tries to be more conservative then the other and that just makes them a real fringe bunch of people. They can’t just be to the right, then need to be out in right field or even out of the park. Some have left this planet they are so far right. They didn’t go to Washington to work as much as they went there to obstruct thing. The NeoCon’s had to be the farthest right ever to where what they did, run the country into the ground will go down in history.

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