The Pretty Momma Deer

Pentax 104

My deer friend Momma Deer. At times I swear she knows everything I say. Well she’s been around here for many years raising her babies. She would come here to rest and let the babies play with the other babies. I’ll see them almost going to sleep while the babies are running around the yard. One time a female baby came here and was calling out for her friends. I never thought they have friends but they do and they like to play if it’s okay with mom. The babies will want to play and mom will say no. The babies look so disappointed. The babies are always smiling as they look around. Even talking to Momma Deer she smiles for me when I say, “there’s my pretty girl.” There’s a group of six females that come here every day. They find the yard tasty.

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Getting old and falling apart unless I had help like gravity to help crush my spine just a bit more. Had a compression fracture at T-12. That's two levers below where the old surgery ended. Wonder how the screws are. If they became loose also. Wonder how they will plan to do the surgery this time. Will they replace the Huntington rods the one that's broke. Since the fall It feels like my sprine has turned one an it falling apart
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