Baby Tiggers came home tonight

I’ve been so worried about baby Tiggers because she hasn’t been home an a couple nights. I have a general idea where she might be but I’m worried about her. Sprockets chases he off and I don’t know why she’s getting picked on by Sprockets because she gets along with all the other kitties and wildlife. I’d feel better if she stayed close to the house and slept in one of the boxes on the porch or deck. I don’t know why Sprockets chases her little sister but she does. Those other strays come around and none of the kitties do anything about them.

I got her in the house to eat and get some pets. She really like attention and I give it to her. I’d like to turn her into an indoor kitty but after a period inside she will start freaking out and start jumping at the door.

I’m sure glade she showed up tonight. I’m hoping that she will be back tomorrow. I leave food out for her when I close things up when I go to bed. I don’t know where she goes at night or if she even sleep at night. I’ll have to follow her one of these nights with the night vision scope. Just bothers me to no end having her out there when it’s cold and raining. I’ll keep working with her and hopefully one day she will become an indoor kitty. Mean while I’ll just worry about her.

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