It works, finally

After beating my head against the wall I called my “IP” up. Very little help. I did figure out what was wrong on my own by deducting what the “IP” didn’t say. I even got the TV hooked up so I don’t have to have the computer on to watch a movie. That was getting kind of old having the computer going. Now I can actually be using the computer with a movie going. Also got the network working properly. The other computer can now get online.

Rained over night and into the morning. Was cold all day. My bones were all aching. I guess it’s going to be like this for a couple more days. Heard on the weather report that it was snowing still on top the mountains. Well that’s not unusual for here. It’s 60 degree and just after 9PM. I have the front door open and my little buddies are coming up to me for a treat. No foxes yet but the nights young.

Pentax 004

A guest kitty that came by for dinner. Poor thing looks all skinny. Sprockets was checking out the new kitty. They didn’t do any fighting just looking at each other. There’s another kitty that looks like Momma kitty with the tip of her ear gone.

Pentax 013

Poor kitty looks rather meek looking at me. It doesn’t have the long hair like Momma Kitty. I feel bad that there are all these cats running around without a home. People come to the park next door and drop off their cats and move. I’ve seen so many cats over the years.

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