DTV what a piece of crap!

Unless your in close proximity to a transmitter antenna your never going to get a good signal. The signal seems to break up during a show and come back during a commercial. I’ve missed the endings of so many show. The signal will be fine until the last ten minutes of the show. So you always miss the ending. I’ve been watching a show tonight and missed twenty minutes after the beginning of the show just enough time to want to see what is going on. I’ve got to see ten minutes out of an hour and can’t figure to much out of a fast paced show with a lot of changes and turns. I try to be real Zen over my TV watching but when fog or the weather causes the signal to break up something that analog TV never did. At least with analog the signal might break up but you could still see and hear it. I’ve noticed that it takes 4 times as much power to go 1/4 the distance. I don’t know what to do to get a better signal other then what I’ve done so far.

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