Tropical Storm, wet week

It’s the first big storm of the year. So fat the winds aren’t so bad but the constant rain is getting old. It’s been raining with one break mid-day to evening. Was listening to a San Francisco radio station and they said there could be 12 inches of rain in the coastal mountains. A local station said there could be 12 to 18 inches of water in the foothills. So far the steady rain hasn’t been that bad. The Weather Undergrounds maps showed the break today. Now it’s looking rather grim. It looks like rain all night. Sure wish I had indoor kitties. I feel bad they are outdoor cats. I have dry places for them on the deck under large tarps that cover the side of the house. Weatherman on TV said get ready for storm two. Just wonder what’s after that. Well on the bright side I get to do indoor projects. Read my VB book and learn VB or Java.


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